About us

My name is Lanfranco and I collect antiques, period furniture and art. I propose antiques, with my son Gianluca, expression of the history and the italian culture based on the value of the antiques as an historical, artistic and cultural symbol. Atelier Artistic offers authentic pieces, furniture, paintings and art antiques, sources of pleasure and emotion. An antiques object gives a direct contact with history, our restore celebrates the imperfection that creates impression of life so you can touch the memory holded in every surface sign. The art of furniture reflects the design, the handicraft skill and the sublime handwork in unique pieces including the craftsmanship into the art sphere.

My Curriculum

Project myArtistic – Luxury decorations antique furniture. myArtistic is the line of antiques and vintage pieces that are unique and custom made by Artistic team or external famous artists and designers. The traditional interventions, such as application of gold\silver\copper leaf, application of Marmorino, natural wax and shellac, all ancient technologies, are performed manually by skilled artisans, with only environmentally friendly products. Further work with new technologies and materials, such as LED lighting, fiber optic, plexiglass, silicones and carbon fiber are used for more emphasize the prestigious and the intrinsic value of the original pieces.

Visit: www.myartistic.it